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  • The history of Laksamana Usaha Noodle Products Sdn Bhd 104638-W will take us back to 35 years ago.
  • The Founder, Mr. Tan Tiaw Huat, started the passion and established the company - Laksamana Usaha Noodle Products Sdn Bhd 104638-W.
  • Our products of noodles are based on Chinese noodles such as Yellow Noodles (also known as Mee Kuning), Kuey Teow, Yee Mee, Laksa Panjang and Laksa Pendek. We also produce some food ingredients such as Cili Boh and Kulit Tauhu.
  • Now with our expansion to the new factory in Kepong Maluri, we are able to maximize our production in serving various type of noodles to the country.